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Saturday, April 25, 2009

Cheapest Nikon D90 remote

Finally got myself a remote for my Nikon D90. It's perfect for taking night photos as you don't get any unwanted movement on the camera while the shutter is open. The remote works perfect and fits great into my camera bag as well. Best part though was the price! I only payed $3.88 including all shipping and handling! Beat it! :) I got it from this site.

Cheapest 8gb microsdhc

Bought this genuine kingston 8gb micro sdhc memory card for my girlfriends mobile phone. We only payed $21.91 which includes all shipping and handling! That's simply fantastic! Couldn't find any cheaper.

Take a look at all the other deals from dealextreme as well. Saved me A LOT of money lately on different parts for my phone and other gadgets like digital SLR camera.

Regular headset on Nokia cheap

My girlfriend recently bought herself a Nokia Navigator. In order to get regular headsets working on it we needed a 2,5mm -> 3,5mm converter. These cost way to much in Norway. But, we happened to find a really cheap solution on Dealextreme right here. It's 1,29$ including shipping and handling! That's simply fantastic!

Epox 8kha+ nforce3 SATA drivers

Apparently Epox own website with drivers are down. But I managed to get the drivers for you. To download the NF3-F6-XP.ZIP simply click here.

Sorry about the urlcash link, but you will be redirected to rapidshare. It works, I promise :) Otherwise, please post a message down below, no registration required.

Friday, April 24, 2009

Cheapest NX7400 power supply, adapter, charger

These adapters doesn't seem to stand much pressure on the connectors. I've already broken two of them.

After paying 80$ the first time for the adapter I fortunately found a cheaper place to buy them. Take a search on for "nx7400 adapter", and select "Free shipping" in the sidebar. Several suppliers from Hong Kong are selling these adapters as cheap as 11$ including free shipping worldwide! That's simply great! :)
Hope it helps someone out!

Friday, April 17, 2009

Sound not working in Debian

After the latest updates/distro-upgrade of Debian testing as of April 2009, my mouse (as mentioned and fixed earlyer) and soundcard stopped working.. Here is the fix for the soundcard:

What I noticed was mplayers error:
Can't open audio device /dev/dsp

/dev/dsp was missing. In order to get it back again all I had to do was(as root):
dpkg-reconfigure alsa-base

And it was fixed :) Now just make sure your soundcard isn't muted, because if it is you can max the volume without getting any sound. I prefer using gmix (Gnome 2.0 Mixer in Fluxbox) for that.

Hope it helps you out :)

Mouse not working in Debian after update

Thanks to the last upgrades/distro-upgrade of April 2009 in the testing distro of Debian my mouse suddenly stopped working. After looking around it was actually rather simple to fix. The problem is with the new version of modprobe which demands that all modprobe config filed ends with ".conf". Simply do this:

cd /etc/modprobe.d/
mv pnp-hotplug pnp-hotplug.conf
modprobe psmouse

If it helps you out, a "thank you" is always appreciated :)

PS.. My soundcard also stopped working.. I will post the fix for that to.