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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Change default file manager for kde

You can also do this in a GUI via kcontrol, but I am originally running gnome with fluxbox so I had to find out another way to do this, since it affects several apps like ktorrent and transmissions actions when chosing to open a folder via them.

It was actually pretty easy:
1.) Open a terminal and edit your ~/.local/share/applications/mimeapps.list
2.) Go to /usr/share/applications and check out what your filemanagers folder handler file is called. E.g. thunars is Thunar-folder-handler.desktop, which I will use (case sensitive).
3.) In the mimeapps.list you opened, edit or add the following line:

Save, and relogin to your session ;) It shall now work!

PS1: The file mimeapps.list may not exist. If it doesn't create it. I had to do that one.
PS2: You can also try to edit defaults.list if located in the same directory and add the line there.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Upgrade Wifi Card on HP NX7400

UPDATE [2.5.2011]!!!
Solution is now available for this right here! 

Old post:
Recently tried to upgrade the 54mbit (abg) wifi card on my HP NX7400 laptop to the 802.11n standard. I'm sorry to inform you that this simply is NOT possible at the moment, unless someone manages to create a hacked bios. The problem is a whitelist in the bios containing which WIFI cards to accept. Only original cards are located in this, so no luck when trying to upgrade it.

What happens is you boot up and get a 104 error telling you to replace the mini pci wifi card.

If someone anyhow DO have a way to do this, PLEASE inform me/us here in the comments ;) The only way I know right now though is to use a USB or PCMCIA USB card.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

nx7400 audio in Windows 7

Had some problems trying to locate drivers for my audio device on the HP NX7400 in Windows 7. Problem was Windows 7 couldn't locate the integrated speakers, and I only got a red sign on my audio device in my lower right corner.

The solutions:
Go to, find the driver package for NX7400s audio device for Windows Vista and install it. Works like a charm! :)

Windows Vista audio drivers for NX7400 works GREAT for Windows 7 on NX7400.

Hope this helps someone else out :p