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Monday, May 2, 2011

Remove whitelist in NX7400 bios

Yes, it's possible! As well as you will get SLIC tables. This should remove any 104 or 105 errors on NX7400. There is also available bioses for other HP models for this...

First of all, I take no responsibility in case you brick/ruin your bios :P

Now to it...
1.) Download this toolkit to make a bootable USB key with rompaq which is the flashing tool. Follow the readme, and everything will start automaticly when booting up...
2.) Boot up with this, make a backup of your current bios. If you have a nx7400 you will get a file named: 68YGU.BAK
3.) Download your new bios from here (NX7300/NX7400).
4.) Open the file, and extract the .bin file to the usb key, and rename it to 68YGU.BIN.
5.) Reboot, and chose to upgrade bios.
6.) You are done :-)

For more info, and complete list of bios'es available check here.

Update 30. March 2012:
Installed a newest generation Intel 5300 wifi card which handles up to 450mbps without a problem on my hp nx7400. As this card has three antenna plugs, and the nx7400 only contains two I just connected wire 1 to connector 1, and wire 2 to connector 2 (they are marked on the wifi card) and let the connector 3 stay unconnected. Great signal as is to my old router. You can buy extra cables on ebay for a couple of dollars if you want.

The wifi card I installed is the following: INTEL WLAN 5300 533AN_MMWG. This is the FULL HEIGHT version.


  1. Many thanks to you Mr. Solution!

    Thanks to post / hacked bios I've been able to replace the slower intel 3945abg card with a shiny new intel 5100 wireless link.

    Special mental note to myself : never buy or accept anything with compaq on it.....

  2. On my NX7400 with modded bios the Intel 4965agn work very fine (130 MB/s), instead with Intel 5100 the notebook don't boot. Power led flashing amber/green, the fan run at max speed and the screen is black.
    Any suggestion?

    1. Hi, I installed modded bios with removed white list from link and I have the same problem, my new wifi card is too Intel 5100 AGN. I think that is problem with new adapted bios (probably incorrectly removed whitelist).

      The only solution for me so far was to return the original bios and the original wifi card.

      Another way is to change id card, but I found only the instructions for ubuntu, I cant founded instruction to change ID in windows.

  3. How about Intel AC 3160, will it work on NX7400?

  4. Is there anything new about nx7400? Can someone tell Which wifi cards are now working normally with removed whitelist.

  5. Can you post again modified 68YGU.BIN file? Link has expired. Thanks!