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Tuesday, October 27, 2015

IKEA Utrusta LED - remote problems

Installed the IKEA Utrusta LED system for my kitchen. The system have caused me quite a headache as I had a lot of problems with the lights randomly responding to the remote.

After a while I managed to sort out the problems. I did the following:
1.) First I got a new remote from IKEA. I'm not quite sure if this solved any problems or not, but I do think it helped quite a bit.
2.) Then I managed to identify one LED device which seemed to cause problems way more often then the others. I replaced this one. No more specific problem with this light.
3.a) My lights now worked all good until one night when I was downloading some huge files over the wireless network, when the lights went all hammock when using the remote. As I already know the Utrusta remote is using the 2.4ghz frequency - the same as my wifi, I went straight for the router and unplugged it. Suddenly it all worked perfect again.
3.b) To solve this problem I booted up my router again and changed wifi channel. I also have a router which runs on the 5ghz frequency. I was therefore able to change the wifi devices I have which use the most bandwidth to this frequency.

After taking these measures, I haven't had any problems for several weeks. The lights also respond way more synchronous then before. It's rather strange that IKEA doesn't seem to know about the frequency problems themselves. When I called them in the beginning this wasn't even mentioned, but after doing some research online it seems to be a rather normal problem with interference between devices running on the same frequency.

Update: 3 months later. Still no problems. All good! (FYI: The problem lasted me for 1-2 years until I managed to solve it.)

Saturday, May 23, 2015

Torrenting to NAS via CIFS/SMB never completes

Problem: Vuze keeps on redownloading and redownloading the last 10-30% of the torrent file over and over again. MBs downloaded exceeds total torrent size, and it never ends.


Edit your /etc/fstab for the cifs mount.

Friday, April 24, 2015

Fix: Shoe air whooshing sound from shoes

I had big problems with this on some Loake Churchill shoes. The sound came from the toebox and was caused by my arch which is a tad large, giving the air in the toe box no easy route to escape when I was walking.

The reason my shoes were so tight around my arch was the lacing which my shoes were delivered with. If you take notice of the Shoe shop lacing pictured below, you will see that when you tighten this lacing, it takes very little pressure before you make the lacing around your arch to tight. The solution is changing the lacing to the zigzag lacing, and leaving enough slack on the lower lacing.

It probably sounds weird that lacing should cause such problems. But give it a try.

I've also read of people leaving strings of leather in a | | formation above your arch, leaving a "channel" for air to escape through, which solved the problem.

Friday, February 13, 2015

Backlight keys not working on t510 linux

This is due to a kernel error from what I understand.

Here's a quick fix.

apt-get install xbacklight

then add the following bindkeys if you are running fluxbox:
nano .fluxbox/keys

None 232 :Exec xbacklight -dec 5
None 233 :Exec xbacklight -inc 5

Reboot fluxbox