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Sunday, August 25, 2013

Online Tailored Shirts

I work in the financial business. This type of work expects me to wear a certain dress code. Full suit and
shirt. Since I have the typical athletic body with broad shoulders, I've had a lot of problems finding good fitting shirts which I can feel comfortable in working long days. After some years I've come to the conclusion that when buying a shirt I have to get it tailored either way.

Why online tailoring?
After spending years buying shirts in stores, you will probably find them either getting to wide/tight around your waist and/or shoulders, to short/long or have certain types of cuts and styles you don't like. Many people also find that they have to send the shirts to a tailor to get them custom fitted before they can wear it to work. Getting clothes tailored online is a really easy, fun, practical and affordable way to get good fitting shirts. You get what you want, and it fits! You only have to spend a bit time the first and second time you order to get the perfect fit you want.

How do I do it?
The first time you have to take some measurements. Getting measurements from your current favourite shirts is without doubt the best way. Setting up an excel scheme is probably not a bad idea. This way you can compare your measurements between different shirts, and orders. For first timer you can also take measurements from different shirts. Ie. you can take measurements on the shoulder area from a shirt you find fitting around the shoulders, and measurements for the waist area from a shirt you find to be well fitting around your waist. This is all very well explained in the online tailoring stores.

You have a lot of options:
- Tailorstore
- Indochino
- Black Lapel
- Modern Tailor

I've tried several of these. My favourite is Modern Tailor. They give you great custom service with a lot of options as well as the ability to give special instructions. The price is also very good. Shirts starting as low as 30$, and full suits for 300$. The e-mail service is also great and they often send you photos of your finished product by e-mail in order for you to confirm if it looks as expected. I will post a review with some photos of my results soon. Stay tuned!