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Thursday, April 7, 2016

Chromium in Debian: Flash missing - manual install of Pepperflash

So, here's the situation:
1.) Google Chrome dropped support of 32bit linux
2.) Pepperflash has gone missing from the Debian repositories
3.) Chromium only supports Pepperflash

Here's how you fix it:
1.) Install chromium.
2.) "apt-get purge" (not just remove) everything that has to do with flash.
3.) Download the latest available version of Google Chrome for 32bit so we can extract the plugin we need. Latest available version is google-chrome-stable_48.0.2564.116-1_i386.deb available here:
4.) Extract the file. Go to opt/google/chrome and find the PepperFlash directory. From this directory copy the to /usr/lib/chromium/plugins/ or any other available directory.
5.) For some reason I can't chromium to load the plugin by default. So I made a shortcut executable file with the following chromium prefix:
/usr/bin/chromium --ppapi-flash-path=/usr/lib/chromium/plugins/
6.) Run it. Enter "chrome://plugins/" into your address bar. It should now show up here.