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Tuesday, October 27, 2015

IKEA Utrusta LED - remote problems

Installed the IKEA Utrusta LED system for my kitchen. The system have caused me quite a headache as I had a lot of problems with the lights randomly responding to the remote.

After a while I managed to sort out the problems. I did the following:
1.) First I got a new remote from IKEA. I'm not quite sure if this solved any problems or not, but I do think it helped quite a bit.
2.) Then I managed to identify one LED device which seemed to cause problems way more often then the others. I replaced this one. No more specific problem with this light.
3.a) My lights now worked all good until one night when I was downloading some huge files over the wireless network, when the lights went all hammock when using the remote. As I already know the Utrusta remote is using the 2.4ghz frequency - the same as my wifi, I went straight for the router and unplugged it. Suddenly it all worked perfect again.
3.b) To solve this problem I booted up my router again and changed wifi channel. I also have a router which runs on the 5ghz frequency. I was therefore able to change the wifi devices I have which use the most bandwidth to this frequency.

After taking these measures, I haven't had any problems for several weeks. The lights also respond way more synchronous then before. It's rather strange that IKEA doesn't seem to know about the frequency problems themselves. When I called them in the beginning this wasn't even mentioned, but after doing some research online it seems to be a rather normal problem with interference between devices running on the same frequency.

Update: 3 months later. Still no problems. All good! (FYI: The problem lasted me for 1-2 years until I managed to solve it.)

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