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Sunday, June 13, 2010

Upgrade Wifi Card on HP NX7400

UPDATE [2.5.2011]!!!
Solution is now available for this right here! 

Old post:
Recently tried to upgrade the 54mbit (abg) wifi card on my HP NX7400 laptop to the 802.11n standard. I'm sorry to inform you that this simply is NOT possible at the moment, unless someone manages to create a hacked bios. The problem is a whitelist in the bios containing which WIFI cards to accept. Only original cards are located in this, so no luck when trying to upgrade it.

What happens is you boot up and get a 104 error telling you to replace the mini pci wifi card.

If someone anyhow DO have a way to do this, PLEASE inform me/us here in the comments ;) The only way I know right now though is to use a USB or PCMCIA USB card.


  1. I have the exact same problem. I bought two Intel WiFi Link 5200 cards for my two NX7400 laptops and found out the stupidity of HP's marketing decisions the hard way. It would seem the Compaq itiots weren't fired like they should have been when HP bought Compaq.

    All corporations ought to be made illegal. I have had it with them. They have the rights of living breathing people, yet they aren't accountable for anything. I have the right to upgrade MY own hardware, dammit!

    Now I've got 100 bucks of unusable wireless cards sitting here until someone comes up with a BIOS hack.

  2. enjoy this! :)!-HP-COMPAQ-bioses-how-to-modify-the-bios/page29?p=111460#post111460