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Monday, January 17, 2011

Cheap SD cards for ipad 2

As we know the iPad 2 will be equipped with SD card slots. This enables you to easily view photos, video and listen to music from devices such as digital cameras, digital video recorders and others.

Navigating through what card you should buy isn't always the easiest task as there is multiple types of cards, speed-classifications and especially great price-gaps. Knowing where to buy these cards for the best price available is a huge advantage. I will tell you my tips on where to get these cards the cheapest way.

My favourite places for buying these cards is:
1.) - Greate prices and thrusted shop to buy from.
2.) - Great prices, but not so easy to navigate and not so many sorts of cards available.
3.) - Great prices, but you can't always thrust the sellers.

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