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Saturday, June 18, 2011

Laptop running warm and noisy fans

After some years of use my laptop started getting really warm when the work load increased. As a result of the heat, the fans also started making a lot of noise. This problem did not exist when I got it, or the first years..

The cause was pretty obvious. Dust and dirt had piled up inside my laptop, and especially on the fan(s). My laptop only have 1 fan, so I went straight for it. Following the service manual for my computer (hp nx7400) I removed the keyboard, and the fan came to sight.

Next I got the vacuum cleaner. Yep, that's right, the good ol' vacuum cleaner. It might be an idea to add a thinner tip on it while doing this. I didn't though. Next, the clue is to hold the fan so it wont spin when vacuum cleaning it. If you dont the fan might ending up spinning backwards, which could break it. While holding the fan, clean it thoroughly until it's dust free.. Next clean any heatsinks and other visible dust.

Now reassemble, and hopefully it should not run warm that easy, and the fans shouldn't spin up all the time! At least it worked great for me!

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  1. My computer is a HP Pavilion dv4-1123us Entertainment Notebook Pc. Whenever I use any program that increases the computer cpu usage to around 40%, the fan will start running constantly from a little sound to very loud noise. I thought that his was caused by some program so I bought recovery disks to recover the computer back to original factory condition. Although I tried, it didn't not solve the problem at all. I also though it is because of the Bios so I updated that too. I have not experienced this at all when I bought it, but I experienced after several months. Is it because of the Intel Chipset when I forgot to install it and when the laptop got very hot? Is it because of the Bios because I updated it wrong? Please help me solve it.