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Saturday, January 12, 2013

Avoid Kobold Vorwerk VR100/Neato getting stuck underneath furniture

If you have a Neato Robotics XV 21, XV 15, XV 11 or a Kobold Vorwerk VR100 you might know the following problem. While the automatic robot vacuumer tries to go underneath some piece of furniture, either it be a sofa, tv bench or a bed, it slips underneath and end up getting stuck because it's laser don't spot it due to the laser being positioned some mm lower then the actual heighth of the device

If you got wooden floors without rugs or other tidy places to hide the magnetic strips it can be somewhat hard to either lower or heighten the furniture. But I found a solution, and I am very happy with it.

I went to the hardware store and bought something named "multipurpose adhesive gasket", made by GEKO. It's somewhat a multipurpose list with with adhesive on it, so it's ready to mount just about anywhere. With this you can add the missing mm's missing underneath your furniture to make the Neato or Kobold Vorwerk understand that it should try to go underneath. The one I bought adds additional 17mm to the furniture.

What also is nice is that the material is really soft and a swamp-like dark-grey material. This way it's hard to spot underneath your furniture and if you try to go underneath it's so soft it wont hurt the robot. Having completely black material isn't good as it's harder to spot for the laser.

Currently it's working great. But on certain material's it wont stick that good. Make sure to not stretch it while sticking it to textile-materials (some sofas). A tip can be to add just a tad of a strong glue with like 15cm spacing on hard to stick materials.

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