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Saturday, June 1, 2013

Fix stuttering flash in chrome

There has been quite some problems with pepperflash 11.7.700.203 in chrome lately, specifically with youtube. It has been stuttering a lot and made it impossible to watch anything.

Managed to fix this with a workaround.

Here's the solution:
First, go to "chrome://plugins/" in your browser. Locate pepperflash and disable it. Next look for a folder where other plugins are located where you can put your new plugin. I'm using /home/user/.mozilla/plugins/.

Next go to Adobe Flash official webpage at and download the latest .tar.gz package with the plugin. I'm using version After downloading it, head to it's folder in the terminal, extract it:
tar -zxvf packagename.tar.gz
..and you will get a lot of files and folders you don't need, except Copy this file to the directory you chose earlier.

Restart chrome, check in "chrome://plugins/" again that the new plugin is loaded, and you should be fine!

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