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Saturday, June 7, 2014

Wicd won't connect automatically

Problem: Wicd won't connect automatically

Facts: I'm running ubuntu on a computer of mine, and I want it to automaticly connect to wired networks when available, or a wireless network if not. After running it on a wired connection for some years, I decided to move my router to a computer room, and therefore my HTPC in my living room had to go wireless. This gave me a problem with the computer not automaticly connecting to the network, and the wireless interface acted REALLY unstable when trying to connect. Something was wrong..

Solution: The problem? I noticed that I halso had Network Manager installed. I prefer using Wicd since it gives me a great CLI interface on my HTPC which I only use a XBMC frontend on. After removing Network Manager (apt-get remove networkmanager), everything worked out fine.

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