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Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Alternatives to Spotify

After crawling the web for some time I found you some replacements and alternatives for Spotify. None of them could really handle with the functionality and ease of Spotify, and I'm not quite sure about how legal these streamers are, even though many of them seem to stream the tracks off from i.e. youtube.

For my own well being I think I will stick to spotify.

But here are the 4 alternatives to spotify:


  1. good selection. is cool even if you have all the above. downloading their tool makes your personal music available online anywhere.

  2. Another good one, Grooveshark (.com)

  3. grooveshark is excellent especially if u have moved to oz and cant get spotify anymore!

  4. Hi
    Spotify doesn't work in my country - Portugal
    But i have found a great alternative for it.

  5. I preffer it's free no ads

  6. A cool alternative i think is great service and it's totally free and available in all countries