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Sunday, March 15, 2009

HOWTO: Run Dialog Box in Fluxbox (Debian)

Here I have quickfix for this ;) First make sure you have a program called fbrun installed. Check by typing "exec fbrun" in a shell. If it's not there, find the app and install it (learn to use apt-get).

Next edit your ~/.fluxbox/keys file, and add the following line which will bind the Run dialogue to Alt+R:
Mod1 r :Exec fbrun -font Sans-16 -w 500 -h 50 -pos 250 350

save and exit, then rightclick on your desktop, select Reconfigure, and you are done :)

Tip: When the dialogue pops up, notice that you can use the up/down-arrows to browse your command history.

If it doesn't work, post a comment, if it works, please post a thank you :)

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