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Monday, May 25, 2009

Wireless iwl3945 on Debian

I have struggled A LOT lately trying to get my built-in wireless network card on my HP NX7400 to work. I seemed to have tried it all, and I could not understand why it would not work. I was using the iwl3945 driver, I could find the networks, but for some reason I could not retrieve dhcp information, and it seemed to not want to connect properly.

But I managed to get it working, finally. The solution? Easy. For some strange strange reason it will only work when using the new wicd (1.5.9) manager from KDE. If you are using fluxbox, as me, simply start it by running wicd-client in bash, and you will get a neat icon in your system tray.

A tip might be to add it to your fluxbox startup file:
nano ~/.fluxbox/startup
and add the following line:
/usr/bin/wicd-client &

Try it out. Hope it helps.

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