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Saturday, February 13, 2010

Fastest image viewer for Linux

Have tried out a LOT of image viewers for Linux, and I thought they all were way to slow. A lot of them seemed to miss a feature called precaching or preloading, where the viewer preloads the next image you are about to view into the memory so it quickly changes to the next..

Ristretto has this feature, but still is VERY slow compared to my favourite. To bad, because I actually enjoy the interface, and it's really quick at loading thumbnails preview.

The one I found out to be the fastest without a doubt is GQView aka geeqie. When viewing my 6MB+ sized images from my DSLR they load very quickly, especially when browsing through a folder inside the interface so it preloads/precaches the next image I'm about to view.Link


  1. Thank you very much. Geeqie is awesome.

  2. thanks. geeqie is lightweight and doesnt pull heavy dependencies.