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Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Fluxbox, sessions and sleep/suspend mode

After running fluxbox for a while I found out I wanted to set up different accounts for me and my SO. After googling a bit and trying out, I found a solution that I am happy with.

First you need to know how to change sessions. By pressing ctrl+alt+F1-F7, you get different bash sessions. By pressing ctrl+alt+F8-F12, you get different GUI sessions. It's the last ones we are going to play around with.

Problem is though, that we need to get out of fluxbox, leaving the session intact, and get up our GDM login interface. Some of you might be using KDM, or other options. This guide will probably work for those to :) Please leave some respons wether or not.

In order to get this working install gdmflexiserver. When that is done, add a keyboard shortcut to it in your ~/.fluxbox/keys:
Mod4 s :Exec /usr/bin/gdmflexiserver
"Reconfigure"Link fluxbox, and when you now press windows-key+s, you will either
A) if you got no gdm login session running in your next GUI interface running, it will automaticly start one, and switch to that interface, or
B) if you already got a gdm login session running, you will get a box where you can choose to jump to that display (which also can be done by ctrl+alt+F9), or create a new one.
Congrats! You got it running!

Suspend/Sleep mode:
This can now easily be done as well. Simply jump to your GDM login interface, and select "Suspend" in the options box :)

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