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Monday, January 12, 2009

Best Free Online Backup Services

Backing up your computer is always important. Unfortunately most people don't realize this before the accident takes place. A free and easy way to do it is using one of the free online storage backup systems.

First som pros and cons
- The services listed here are completely free to use
- Not OS-dependent. You can access these no matter what operating system you are running (Windows, Mac, Linux etc.)
- Safely externally stored. Can't be physically harmed.

- Slower then most physical mediums
- If you have bigger needs, you have to pay for it
- High safety needs

The most popular services available:
#1 - 50GB offers you 50gb of free storage, and I think it is safe to say that this offer is pretty unbeatable. I am using it myself for my photo and document collection and I am very happy with it.
#2 - 5GB offers 5gb. Also a decent and free offer which can be worth taking a look at. They also have a focus on community and sharing services.
#3 - 2GB offers 2gb.

The rest are some services offering 1gb:

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