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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

How to get spotify

UPDATE 20. February: Check out my new solutions on how to get spotify accounts by clicking right here.

I will here present you three ways to get Spotify. But first I must say that Spotify is such a GREAT tool in all ways. It's free and legal, and It's great to finally see that the music industry delivers an alternate to pirating. If you like Spotify, support them, and buy an account.
PS! Spotify works great with Linux as well. Simply install and start it via wine. Here is the instruction for using it with Linux.

Here are three ways to get a free account:

A) Go to click "Get started" and submit your e-mail address in the last field. Hopefully they will send you an invite in not to long.

B) Haven't confirmed this one yet, but rumors says it works:
1.) Find a UK proxy, i.e. this one. Enter as URL, and make sure it wont remove the scripts.
2.) Click "Get started" and enter the proper information. Make sure country is set to "United Kingdom" and postal code "SW1A 2AB".
3.) Submit the information, and let's hope it works :) Hopefully you will get some invites as well..

C) Ask friends who have bought an account to give you an invite. Ask around and you will probably find someone who can help you out. In my own case it was a friend of mine who presented me to spotify, and fixed me an invite from a friend of his who had bought an spotify premium account.


  1. 2nd one worked!! thanks!


    theres the registration page. use any details u want!!

    spotify rules!!

  3. Yes, that link works perfect! Thanks!!!

  4. Try this: