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Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Who is The Stig?

Top Gears own professional racer driver known as The Stig has been a mystery for all of the shows fans. In just about each episode this pro car driver shows up and pushes new cars to their limits on the track. He sure knows how to drive, but his identity has been unknown for several years until now. British journalists finally claim they know who "The Stig" really is.
photo: wikipedia
There have been several guesses the last years, covering all from Julian Bailey, Ben Collins, Damon Hill, Tim Schrick, Russ Swift to Darren Turner.

The newspaper who now claims to know his identity is News of the World. Only to bad they wont reveal it 100%. But they give a lot of teasers. They claim his pay is around 150.000£ a year, and that his car is worth 15.000£.

The previous Stig, known as the black Stig was revealed to be Perry McCarty though. When The Stig even confessed this, Clarkson, the shows key host decided to dump him which you can see in the following video clip. Maybe not that bad after all the white Stigs identity have not been revealed yet..?

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