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Friday, December 26, 2008

Girlfriend gift ideas

I keep hearing people complaining about ideas about what to give to their girlfriend. I've been together with mine for some years now, and it has really never been a BIG problem finding gifts to satisfy her, and she is pretty fastidious.

Here's a nice list of tips:
1.) Necklace. You find these in all sorts. If you are not gonna spend that much you might buy a her a silver necklace with a golden heart on or something. Both me and my girlfriend prefer white gold as it looks more classy in our opinion. Remember to use the staff in the jewelry shop for all they are worth! Ask them what you want (look, price-tag) and hear what they have to say.
2.) Rings. I've given her two so far. But remember to buy rings that match. Again: ask the staff in the jewelry shop.
3.) Bracelets. These ones you can get pretty cheap as well.
4.) Watch. Lots of nice watches in every style. Last Christmas I bought here a quality swiss watch of the brand Certina:
5.) Digital camera, mobile phone, gift cards etc. All this is handy stuff. But try not to give her this the first year, at least my girlfriend would be pretty disappointed. :)
6.) A trip to some destination. Maybe a weekend trip somewhere? In Europe there are several cheap and nice destinations for this. Prague is one great example.

Hope this helps :) Please add your tips to the comment field down below.

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  1. I got nice tips on necklace,bracelet,rings,watch and more.This ia s very useful tips which gives more Girlfrind Gift ides.