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Friday, December 26, 2008

RJ45 wall jacks/mounts setup

Earlier this week I bought some RJ45 wall jacks in order to make my network setup look a little more neat. Having Ethernet cat-5 cables out of the walls doesn't look very well, especially if you are not using them.

These wall jacks looks pretty neat, and only cost me about 6$ each. (The on-top cover is missing on this picture, but you get the picture.
Opening it up on the bottom-side it looks like this, with me holding my cat-5 cable spread which I was supposed to connect.

Brave and unknowingly I started trying to hook the cables up to the connectors. First having problems trying to sort out what the GGGG/ABAB (GAGBGAGB) ment, which I found out was all about two different wiring schemes T568A or T568B. The regular one to use is A. So I had to use the left and right GA schemes. I was also missing a light-brown cable, but that had to be the white one.

After 15 minutes of trying to hook up one single cable to a connector, I simply gave up. I understood that I was missing some sort of tool. Stupid as I was, I pretty fast found out what I was missing is a Punch/Impact Tool. Just take a look at this youtube video which pretty much explains everything. It's actually a pretty genius and smart way to connect these cables.

A minute later I found the tool on the website to a locale hardware store, and it costs about 30$ for this punch/impact tool. Gonna go buy it sometime next week.

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