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Friday, December 26, 2008

How to clean your fridge and freezer

Some days ago I had to clean out my fridge and freezer. It took some time, but it became pretty nice and clean afterwards. Here is my fast "clean your fridge & freezer howto" :)
1) Turn off the power.
2) Take everything out. Take a freshness check, and throw everything your dont need. Take a piece of paper and clean off bottles with oil, sauces etc if they have been leaking.
3) Take out all drawers, shelvings and everything else that can be taken out.
4) Clean the fridge. Do not use HOT water. I used some sort of MrMuscle/Jif etc. spray, and at the end a final wipe with a clean paper and water.
5) This one is more of a tip:

Has your fridge been leaking water lately? Then it's probably because of the drainage pipe which has managed to get closed by dirt. It's simple to fix. The drainage pipe is usually located in the back inside of your fridge. Find something which is slim and long and try to stick it through. I used a paper clip which I folded out. After cleaning the pipe take a look at the back of your fridge and remove the dirt. (The drainage pipe is for letting the water out into some sort of holder in the back, which heats it up and makes it vaporise. Smart huh?:) )

I only have a small freezer located on the top of my fridge, so it did not thing it would be such a job. But here's a fast how-to:
1) Turn of the power.
2) Find somewhere to store the food. I simply put it outside in my car since it was several minus degrees celsius. You can use a cooling bag or put it under a carpet or something. A tip could be to freeze some 1,5L bottles with water the day before so it better keeps cool.
3) Make some bowls with HOT water and but it inside the freezer and shut it. This makes everything cool up pretty fast.
4) Take out all the ice/snow. A finger tip rule might be to clean out the freezer when it becomes more snow/ice then a pencil thick.
5) Clean it out like you did with the fridge.
6) Turn on power, and put everything back in :)

PS... Make sure to check your fridge and freezers manual in case it needs special cleaning procedures.

Congrats, you are done! :)

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