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Saturday, December 27, 2008

How to share your pictures online

There are two solutions for this in my opinion. You need to find out what needs you have. Do you need a fast and simple service for forums, blogs etc. or do you need a personal storage service where you can come back and edit your pictures.

If you need a simple and fast service there are several sites offering you exactly what you need, here are some: - Free Image Hosting service with no signing up or registering required and a lot of functionality. This is my personal favorite service. - Free as well, and no signing up required here either. - Free, Fast and no signup required.

If you need personal storage, with the ability to add and delete pictures on your account you should try one of these. - Very nice and customizeable service, which also works very nice combined with Nokia phones for fast and easy sharing of your pictures. - Another nice service for uploading and sharing your pictures and videos with others.

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