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Friday, December 26, 2008

Idesktop tweak

Idesktop is in my humble opinion the best desktop tool for linux. In order to make it fast enough I really recommend doing this simple, but effective "tweak". It might not be advanced enough to be called a tweak, but it has sped the functionality up for me at least.

The tweak simply consists of making the desktop icons only need a single click instead of a double click for execution. Since there seems to be no "affirmative" response from the icons when you doubleclick, it is hard to know wether or not the application has been started or not. With a single click setup you allways know it has been executed.

Here's my .ideskrc setup, which works pretty well:
table Config
FontName: verdana
FontSize: 10
FontColor: #ffffff
Locked: false
Transparency: 100
Shadow: true
ShadowColor: #000000
ShadowX: 1
ShadowY: 2
Bold: false
ClickDelay: 300
IconSnap: true
SnapWidth: 55
SnapHeight: 100
SnapOrigin: BottomLeft
SnapShadow: true
SnapShadowTrans: 200
CaptionOnHover: false

table Actions
Lock: control right doubleClk
Reload: middle doubleClk
Drag: left hold
EndDrag: left singleClk
Execute[0]: left singleClk
Execute[1]: right doubleClk

Hope this helps...

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