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Saturday, December 27, 2008

How to backup your data, 4 solutions

Backup backup backup! Keep that in mind. Sooner or later your computer will meet the dead end and there is pretty much no way back if you haven't backed up your data.

Here I will give you 4 easy solutions for backup up your data.
1.) Online backup! Get yourself an account at Here you get 50GB of storage for free, which is a great service. Fast, easy and free!
2.) Harddisk backup. Probably the fastest and easyest. Go buy a external USB or NAS drive with 500-1000GB of storage, and you are set. If you want 100% safety, you can buy the Western Digital Mirror edition which will mirror your data in a RAID system on 2 disks, which of course is safer then 1.
3.) Blu-ray/DVD/CD Backup. DVD and CD media is pretty cheap, and now that Bluray also is entering the private market this could also be a solution.
4.) USB memory drive. The space is limited, though the drive itself is very small. Somewhere around 16-32GB is the max today, which can be very limited, and the flash drives is not the most reliable media available.

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