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Friday, December 26, 2008

Howto: Functional debian (fluxbox) setup on laptop

Since i've been running debian on my desktop I've always complained about the speed I needed. I've finally found a solution which I am happy with which consists of the following setup:

- Debian Testing (edit your /etc/apt/sources.list and make it run the Unstable packages). I found that running stable on a desktop setup is not necessary and is plain stupid because you will miss out on a lot new development.
- Fluxbox as a GUI. Nowhere around this one. When you first boot it, you will probably hate it because you are missing a lot. But hold on. Fluxbox is the fastest setup I've tried so far.
- Idesktop. In fluxbox you need to use this for getting desktop icons.
- Conky. Gives a neat status bar on your desktop.
- Rox-filer. Fastest filebrowser.
- Hotkeys. Great application for making you multimedia hotkeys work. (Volume up/down, mute etc.)

After you have installed the applications, you need to edit your ~/.fluxbox/startup file. Here is the lines you need to make sure are present:
nohup idesk > /dev/null & ## This will automaticly start idesktop
/usr/bin/hotkeys -t nx7400 -Z & ## Start the application which makes your shortcut media keys work
/usr/bin/conky -d & ## Start conky, and the "-d" parameter makes it visible on all 4 desktops.
fbsetbg -f /home/User/.idesktop/collateral.jpg ## Set a background image on your desktop.

I guess this is enough to give you a head start. Keep looking on my blog, I will add more information on how to set up a great linux desktop system with more information on each program.

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